About Me

Hi there, dear music enthusiasts and welcome to my website! 🙂

Who are you?

My name is Tobias Holm – I’m a 25 years old pianist and composer from a rather small city called ‘Solingen’ (near Cologne) in Germany. I currently study Law at the ‘Universität zu Köln’ in Cologne.

What are your favourite leisure activities?

Apart from playing the piano, I count Basketball, Drawing, Dancing, Writing, Hiking as well as Cardistry (Card-Tricks) among my favourite leisure activities. Plus, spending time with family and friends of course. 🙂

For how long have you been playing the piano so far?

I’ve been playing the piano for approximately 7 years now. In between, I had a few piano lessons for roughly a year, but apart from that I’m completely self-taught. 🙂

What made you start playing the piano?

I’ll never forget that day when me and a few friends of mine visited a tiny music store, within my hometown. It was that day, when my friend Sammy played the first couple of notes of ‘Apologize’ by One Republic, on a keyboard that was standing around. I was simply amazed by the fact that even a few notes can create such a wonderful melody and atmosphere. 🙂

Right after that day, I told my parents about this and it turned out that my father used to play the piano as well, which I didn’t know up to this point. He owns an old Yamaha-Keyboard – which is 30 years old by now – and so I started playing; You Tube being my constant companion – both as a teacher and as an inspiration.

I hadn’t played any instrument yet, but nevertheless, after a few months I had my very first live performance along with some friends of mine. From this day on, I kept playing and practised many hours per day.

Eventually, I managed to play at a couple of events, built a band with some of my very best friends at high-school, met awesome people while playing the piano and last but not least – I played at a wedding, which is my biggest accomplishment concerning music so far. 🙂

What are your goals?

First, I intend to encourage people to start playing the piano (or any other instrument), ’cause in my humble opinion it enriches life in so many ways:

You will encounter new people, gain a new way to express yourself and meet a new challenge. 🙂 In addition to that, I wish to point out that you don’t necessarily need expensive piano lessons; use whatever is available to you:

Watch You Tube-Tutorials, read music-related books or ask friends who play an instrument for some help etc. – no matter how hard it might seem at the beginning – all the effort will pay off eventually – trust me! 🙂

Furthermore, I think music has always been both my passion and some kind of guide; no matter what – happy or sad – it’s always been there for me and it’s a crucial part of my life, which is why I wish to spend more time doing what I love – playing the piano and sharing these magical moments that music evokes. 🙂

However, my most cherished dream arose when I discovered my passion for composing my very own Original Music. It’s among the best moments of my life when I performed my first original song “Miraculous Autumn” for the very first time, in front of a huge audience at my High School Commencement. I’ve always been insecure whether people would like my music or rather not – but at least at that particular moment, many people from the audience came up to me in order to tell me that they really enjoined both the song and the way I performed it.

This moment – combined with the great support of my friends and family – encouraged me to start composing more original songs and additionally evoked the desire to share my passion and feelings with the world

-> you, dear reader! 🙂


Well, I just noticed the amount of text I wrote, so if you made it up to here, thanks a lot for your endurance while reading this! 😀

I’d be honoured to get some feedback and support in case you like my music! =)

If you wish to know more about me or have any question, then simply check out my social media sites or contact me via the Contact Section – I’m looking forward to hearing from you! 🙂



If you wish to support me, please check out my Patreon-Account – the link is right beneath this text. 🙂 As a patron you can donate a small amount of money in order to both support me and get some cool stuff, such as free access to my music (MP3/WAV), free Sheet-Music, early access to MIDIs, your very own Composition composed by me, and more. 🙂

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